Trend to Try: Graphic Sweatshirts

It is officially SWEATER WEATHER. But you don’t have to compromise style when you reach for a comfy pullover. Graphic, unique and fun jumpers are everywhere right now! Check out my fave picks and trends below:

Graphic Sweatshirts
From the galactic to historical to the biological realm, this trend is scientifically proven to be hot this season! 
Let your geek flag fly with these fun comic tributes. From Super Heros & Villains to the iconic pop art comic influence, these are a fun way to embrace your nerd pride!
The retrogamer in me could not pass these treasures up! Just a little nod to the 8bit world, snuggle up in one of these and bust out the NES system 😉
Florals are so diverse, ranging from sweet and girly to graphic and edgy. Look for inspiring colors and textures like quilting or lace for an extra girly touch.
Take a little trip through your day dreams and be inspired by these fantastic prints. Think mythical creatures and faraway lands for this trend 🙂
So what’s your fave? Let me know what you think 😉

Fash-Inspiration: Pokemon

Hey Pokefans! I am very excited for this week’s Fash-Inspiration! Pokemon is very near and dear to my heart, I have a slight obsession. This was the first Gameboy game I every played (on Gameboy Color baby!). I am hoping to cosplay as Ash(ley) Ketchum soon, I have a set of Kanto Gym Badges I picked up from Pax this year and I am dying to play with them 😉

Also, if you love Pokemon stay tuned… I could very well be doing a Fash-Inspiration for every Pokemon…

Fash-Inspiration: Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum is the brave and ambitious Pokemon trainer from Pallet Town who is on his way to becoming a Pokemon Master! I have paired some skinnies and a crop top with a warm vest to create a comfortable and functional look for adventuring. Some wedge sneakers and a hat (has anyone ever noticed how similar the Quicksilver logo is to the Pokemon League logo?!) add a urban feel to this outfit. Lastly, this look isn’t complete without the lightning bolt ring, a nod to Ash’s sidekick and starter Pokemon, Pikachu!
Fash-Inspiration: Misty
Misty is a Water-Type trainer and becomes Ash’s friend and travel companion (after he steals and destroys her bicycle). In the games she is the Cerulean City Gym Leader! I have kept her outfit very close to the Anime: a yellow crop top, blue shorts, converse and her trade mark suspenders. I added a rain drop shaped quartz ring for an extra aqua touch.
Fash-Inspiration: Brock
Brock is the Pewter City Gym Leader who joins Ash on his Pokemon quest. He is a wannabe ladies man and spends most of the time macking on Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny. Some cargo skinnies and flowy olive blouse mimic Brock’s casual style. I have added a orange infinity scarf and booties for added flare. Brock specializes in Rock-Type pokemon so quartz and geode accessories are totally necessary.
Like always, let me know what you think! 🙂

Fash-Inspiration: Friday the 13th

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HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH! For all you superstitious folk, today may be full of eerie omens but I like to celebrate this little oddity in the calendar year. As a lover the the paranormal and supernatural, Friday the 13th adds a little needed mystery to my life. What better way to celebrate than with some stylishly themed outfits?

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th by heartlockett

top / crop top/ skull print shirt / white top / maxi skirt / leather skirt / jeans / blackflats /redshoes / pumps / horseshoe earrings / necklace / black cat earrings

This trio of outfits balances both good and bad omens 😉 First off, a crimson maxi skirt paired with a black crop top and tank marked with the Eye of Providence (said to watch over all of mankind). I topped that off with some spiked heels (no cats are gonna cross your path with those bad boys!) and some horse shoe studs for good luck!

Second, an edgy zippered, lace bustier top paired with a faux leather skater skirt and dainty bowed flats balances both sweet and tough. Of course Friday the 13th wouldn’t be complete without a black cat and these little post earrings are just too adorable!

Lastly, the skull tank, raven necklace and blood red loafers are definitely omens of death… but I have a personal superstition that polka dots are good luck (passed down to me through 3 generations) and these skinnies will ward off any bad mojo.

Friday the 13th - JASON

Friday the 13th – JASON by heartlockett

You didn’t think I could leave out this cult classic did you!? Here’s a little tribute to one of the most iconic slasher flicks of all time. Jason, the machete wielding murderer, gets a more updated  and casual look with a graphic tee featuring his tell tale mask and some slashed up skinnies. A utility jacket and some combat boots are perfectly suited for stalking people in the woods. And the finishing touches:  a Camp Crystal Lake patch and blood stained machete perfect the outfit.

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think 😉

Fash-Inspiration: BBC’s Merlin

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First Official Post! What better way to start things off then to put together an inspired collection of one of my most beloved fandoms, BBC’s MERLIN! Coincidentally, I just finished the Season 5 finale last night and much to my dismay, the END OF THE SERIES :O

Naturally, the best way to fill the void in my heart is to do a tribute to Merlin fashion 😉

SPOILER ALERT – Be warned!

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Merlin Inspired - MERLIN
Merlin is our unsung hero in the series, he is the world’s most powerful sorcerer but is forced to hide his powers from even his closest friends, including King Arthur (this sets up infinite plot twists and heartbreaking ending!). Merlin’s style has changed minimally throughout the series, he is always dressed very casually (he is a servant, of course!) with very limited clothing options. This set mimics his style very closely: skinnies in a chocolate colour, a chambray shirt paired with a cognac suede motorcycle jacket and his iconic red scarf. Sturdy boots and cozy socks are practical and adorable. I needed to add the gold dragon ring because it adds some sparkle and, of course, our hero is a Dragonlord 😉
Merlin Inspired - KING ARTHUR
His Kingship has made leaps and bounds in the personality department in the past 5 seasons. He’s gone from a spoiled, arrogant brat to a noble, just and powerful ruler who treats all his subjects fairly. The playful banter between Arthur and Merlin is the best part of the show, I think that is what got me hooked! Arthur is usually in full armour except for the occasional feast or when he’s in his chamber. This set is a bit more abstract, The gold and crimson combination is reminiscent of his cape which has a gold dragon insignia.  The entire plot of Merlin revolves around Arthur’s death and the gold skull necklace represents this theme.
Merlin Inspired - QUEEN GWEN
Gwen’s story is definitely a “rags to riches” tale, she has progressed from Morgana’s handmaiden, snagged herself a Prince and has become a commendable ruler. But her status isn’t the only thing that has improved, her wardrobe this season was much more suited for royalty. Luxe fabrics in jewel tones, elaborate jewellery and hair extensions have trumped the sweet pastels of her common clothes. For this set, I decided that a rich satin dress in royal blue was perfectly paired with some glitzy accessories (those earrings! :O). As for beauty, some fakies, liquid liner and metallic shadow paired with a trusty curling wand (I have this one, works like a dream!) creates a lavish look.
Merlin Inspired - MORGANA
Morgana has become a major bad ass in the 5th Season! She is now a high priestess who is out for blood (particularly Arthur’s) and will stop at nothing to reclaim Camelot as her own. She has obviously taken an evil turn but I have to say that her character development is pretty compelling. Her set has a glamorous-gothic feel pairing a dark emerald, lace frock with knee high tights, a tapered leather over-piece and fur scarf. Her accessories are edgier: spiked heels, black crystals, a skull ring and all the makings of a dramatic smoky eye.
Merlin Inspired - THE KNIGHTS
As a little bonus, I had to include our Knights of the Round Table; these fellows are loyal, brave and definitely a fair bit of eye candy (Sir Percival, swoooon!).  This set is extra fiery with a metallic bandage dress (mimicking their armour, naturally), a deep red structured blazer, and little black booties. Sword earrings are a must and a pyramid cuff adds a touch of tough. Crimson lips, liquid eye-liner and confetti nail polish complete this sexy look. Caution, try not to fall too deeply in love with the dress or blazer (I know I did…) they cost a pretty penny.
Hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think 😉
I’m off to bawl some more about the ending… WAH!