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This was the first article I wrote for All That’s Epic 🙂 They are a pretty wicked website and I write for the Cosplay section!

Epic Everyday Cosplay: Be as Stylish as Pokemon Master Hilda


5 More Cosplay Beauty Must-Haves

Hello Cosplay Enthusiasts! Here is another round of Beauty Must-Haves for Costume-Play or for dressing up (Halloween is right around the corner people!).
5 More Cosplay Beauty Must Haves
  1. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner – Liquid eyeliner is ideal for creating dramatic winged eyeliner as well as a great way to do any detailing around the eye that you really want to pop! I prefer the eyeliner pen style of eyeliner for better control and precision. Also, it is a great way to disguise the look of fake lashes 😉
  2. Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray – Face it, when you are running around a con or doing an intense photo-shoot the longevity of your make up is vital! After your make-up is complete mist your face with a setting spray to avoid your make up from smearing or sweating off. This is an important step especially when using face paint or other heavy makeup. If you don’t have a setting spray, mist your face lightly with some hairspray (it has a similar effect).
  3. Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs – When your Cosplay calls for bear legs and nude coloured tights won’t cut it, this product is wonderful for evening out your skin tone without tanning. I use it on my arms and chest area as well to give me a bit of a glow and even out skin tone (especially for photo-taking!).
  4. Topshop Gunmetal Brush Set – A hero is only as good as his weapon! Invest in a good brush set that will last your through everyday use as well as Cosplay! This gives you more control and cleaner lines when working with difficult or complex makeup looks.
  5. Shiseido Eyebrow Styling Compact – Stage makeup calls for more exaggerated features (especially on film or in photos). Styling your brows gives your face a more polished and expressive look, just be careful not to go overboard (you don’t want to look perpetually angry). I prefer to use an angled brush and flesh out the outer details with a brown liner.

What are your fave Cosplay Beauty Must-Haves?

Diary of a Noobie Cosplayer: 5 Things I Have Learned… So Far

I am a self-proclaimed noob! I’ve only been to 2 conventions and have made a lowly total of 3 costumes in the good name of cosplay. My sewing skills are sloppy, I don’t hand make every piece of my costume but everyone has to start somewhere!

For me, like many other people who have become disillusioned with this early new millennium, cosplay is an escape into an amazing fantasy realm. It is a creative endeavor that allows me to showcase my fangirly side and passion for fashion and costuming. In my short cosplay career, here are 5 things I have learned:

  1. Procrastination can be your downfall…

    Already have an idea for your next cosplay? START NOW. I have (on every occasion) started my costumes 1-2 weeks before a con/ event and have turned into a stressed out, sleep deprived monster. At Pax I had 2 hours of sleep before the con (I was pretty sure I could see sounds) which meant a lot less energy to run around and be a nerd. Also, although glue gunning everything is a good idea when you have less than 10 hours to complete your costume it compromises the quality of the costume. Give yourself time to correct mistakes or try new techniques, trust me, you will appreciate the wiggle room if something needs to be re-done!

  2. Watch your wallet!

    The truth is cosplay is an expensive hobbie. The cost of materials, cost of tickets, cost of travel and accommodations, cost of that super awesome thing you bought at the con, cost of food and drink… the list goes on. Make sure you set a budget for yourself before your go to a con, perhaps, bring a set amount of cash so you don’t overspend and pack snacks or drinks to save food costs. Also, shop around for your supplies. Check the clearance section at your local fabric store, you may find that perfect piece at a discounted price. I am a big fan of altering clothing and accessories I find at Value Village or second hand stores to save some coin.

  3. Practice your poses!

    Cosplay is costume role play, a great cosplayer takes time to get into character, learn poses and phrases,  etc… Not to mention, practice makes perfect. The best way to avoid derpy or unflattering photos is to practice a few poses and remember good posture. Another good tip, dress rehearsal! Try EVERYTHING on and then go for a walk. This will allow you to target any potentially problematic wardrobe malfunctions. Case in point, my last minute costuming for Storm, I had to use a stapler from the front desk of the con to secure my boot covers from slipping down my leg when I walked!

  4. Some people suck…

    There is a dark underbelly of cosplay, it isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. Haters gonna hate and Trolls be trollin’. The harsh reality is that people post hurtful content pretty regularly but don’t let that ruin your experience. Another sad truth is that the cosplay community isn’t always very welcoming. Elitism and competition are pretty rampant and for a new cosplayer it can be very intimidating. I have definitely felt discouraged when I like, comment and share the heck out of other people’s content and receive no love back. Where is the love? Can’t we all be best friends?!

  5. Remember why you are doing it.

    Cosplaying is FUN! Despite the stress and drama, do it because you love the character! Don’t let the haters discourage you out of cosplaying because you are too short, big, small, tall, light, dark, etc… Why can’t you be a brown Emma Frost? Or a curvier Super Girl? Wear it proud, you put as much work and effort into your costume as the next cosplayer. Also, trying to cosplay to become famous is a trap. One that I fell for… Becoming the next Yaya Han or Jessica Nigri isn’t in the cards for most of us. There are thousands talented cosplayers that don’t get famous, be content and love what you do regardless of how many likes you get.

As always, let me know what you think! 🙂

5 Cosplay Beauty Must-Haves

5 Cosplay Beauty Musthaves

1. PRIMER – This little wonder smooths out your complexion and gives the rest of your make up a nice base. That way when you are running around a con you can be sure your make-up will last the whole day!
2. CONCEALER – If you are like me, then you likely stayed up until 4:00am finishing your costume… Yes, I have done that… more than once. This magical stuff will make all the dark circles (and other imperfections) disappear! Make sure to choose one that is 1-2 shades lighter than your complexion.
3. EYESHADOW – No, you don’t need to wear all the colours at once but having a good assortment comes in handy! You will likely be mixing colours to get the perfect hue, I would suggest investing in a quality palette.
4. WHITE EYELINER – This is perfect for highlighting your waterlines and the inner corners of your eyes. It will give your eyes that Anime effect, making your eyes seem bigger and brighter! I usually start with white and finish with a touch up to make it pop.
5. FAKE LASHES – Wear your fakies! They are tricky to master and it may take one or two tries to get them perfectly placed (I usually use tweezers to help put them on) but they have a wonderful impact and make your look more complete. Also, they show up much better in photos 😉
Hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think 🙂