Fall Trends Inspired by Flare World Runway Tour

This week I had the greatest pleasure of attending the Flare World Runway Tour fashion show in Vancouver! This was the first show I had ever been to and I was BEYOND excited, after obsessing for a week about outfit choices I dawned a red peplum top, black tulip skirt, tights, high black wedge booties and some gold accessories and headed out for an awesome girls night out. The cocktail hour was wonderful Tres Semme & Este Lauder were there doing impromptu hair, make-up and manis for the attendees. The girls and I gushed over everyone’s outfits (everyone was dressed to the nines!), the venue (Four Seasons baby!) and had a wonderful time sampling the many treats. From mango shooters, macaroons, caramel apples, to cotton candy and tiramisu, the spread was glorious!
Next, we headed to the Pacific Centre Atrium for a runway run-down of all the latest fall fashion trends. Yours truly was in the FRONT ROW! *stars in eyes* Here are some inspired collections by the Flare WRT ūüôā Enjoy!
Flare WRT Inspiration: Pastels
PASTELS: Don’t be fooled, these Easter egg hues are not just for Spring anymore! Baby pinks, mint, peach and sunshine yellow make a fresh statement for fall. Try pairing pastels with light neutrals for a cozy and feminine look.
Flare WRT Inspiration: Leather
LEATHER: This edgy trend lends is more moody and tough than the lovely pastels. Whether it s a leather dress or leather accents, these pieces have a sexier side to them. Go for unexpected shapes or accessories for an edgier look.
Flare WRT Inspiration: Plaid

Red Plaid Backpack / Blue Plaid Purse / Green Plaid Backpack / Blue Plaid Purse / Brown Collared shirt / Long Sleeved Grey Plaid Shirt / Red Plaid Blouse / Short Sleeved Sweater / Coat / Mini Skirt / Plaid Pants / Dress / Scarve / Gloves / Blue iPhone Case / Chain Necklace  / Scrunchies  / Button Earrings / Headband / Tights

PLAID: That’s right, we are all mad for plaid! The punk and grunge revival this season (leather too!) has brought some tantalizing tartan to our runways. Plaid can be very versatile depending on what it’s paired with: pair it some cute flats for a pretty, girly look or some tougher hardware (think studs!) for an edgier look.
Flare WRT Inspiration: Oversized Coats
OVERSIZED COATS: Voluminous shapes are the it outerwear trend this season. Be wary of the fit, you want volume but not in the wrong places. If you don’t think you can pull of this trend off, go for shapes that are more nipped at the waist.
Flare WRT Inspiration: Statement Flats
 Panda Flats / Crochet Floral Flat / Tuxedo Flats /  Leopard Loafers / Yellow Loafers / Mint Studded loafer / Owl Loafers / Metallic Oxfords / Studded Oxfords / Zombie Shoes / Yellow Raffia Oxfords
STATEMENT FLATS: Fun footwear adds a little whimsy to a more fall layered look. Look for bold details and colours like studs or print. Also, don’t be afraid to pair flats with some fun or colourful socks for an extra punch!
Flare WRT Inspiration: Novelty Bags
Russian Doll Wallet / POW Clutch / Donut Handbag / Shell Purse / Floral Bird Purse / Black Cat Purse  / Fox Purse / Unicorn Clutch / Winged Backpack /  Kitty Tote / Holographic Backpack / Frankenstein Tote
NOVELTY BAGS: Surprising details and crazy shapes lend a fantastic vibe to your fall wardrobe. This is a great way to experiment with shape and texture without being overwhelming. These novelty bags are also a great conversation piece and show off your quirkier side.
Thanks for taking a peek! Let me know what you think ūüôā

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