5 Cosplay Beauty Must-Haves

5 Cosplay Beauty Musthaves

1. PRIMER – This little wonder smooths out your complexion and gives the rest of your make up a nice base. That way when you are running around a con you can be sure your make-up will last the whole day!
2. CONCEALER – If you are like me, then you likely stayed up until 4:00am finishing your costume… Yes, I have done that… more than once. This magical stuff will make all the dark circles (and other imperfections) disappear! Make sure to choose one that is 1-2 shades lighter than your complexion.
3. EYESHADOW – No, you don’t need to wear all the colours at once but having a good assortment comes in handy! You will likely be mixing colours to get the perfect hue, I would suggest investing in a quality palette.
4. WHITE EYELINER – This is perfect for highlighting your waterlines and the inner corners of your eyes. It will give your eyes that Anime effect, making your eyes seem bigger and brighter! I usually start with white and finish with a touch up to make it pop.
5. FAKE LASHES – Wear your fakies! They are tricky to master and it may take one or two tries to get them perfectly placed (I usually use tweezers to help put them on) but they have a wonderful impact and make your look more complete. Also, they show up much better in photos 😉
Hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think 🙂

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