Fash-Inspiration: Friday the 13th

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HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH! For all you superstitious folk, today may be full of eerie omens but I like to celebrate this little oddity in the calendar year. As a lover the the paranormal and supernatural, Friday the 13th adds a little needed mystery to my life. What better way to celebrate than with some stylishly themed outfits?

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th by heartlockett

top / crop top/ skull print shirt / white top / maxi skirt / leather skirt / jeans / blackflats /redshoes / pumps / horseshoe earrings / necklace / black cat earrings

This trio of outfits balances both good and bad omens 😉 First off, a crimson maxi skirt paired with a black crop top and tank marked with the Eye of Providence (said to watch over all of mankind). I topped that off with some spiked heels (no cats are gonna cross your path with those bad boys!) and some horse shoe studs for good luck!

Second, an edgy zippered, lace bustier top paired with a faux leather skater skirt and dainty bowed flats balances both sweet and tough. Of course Friday the 13th wouldn’t be complete without a black cat and these little post earrings are just too adorable!

Lastly, the skull tank, raven necklace and blood red loafers are definitely omens of death… but I have a personal superstition that polka dots are good luck (passed down to me through 3 generations) and these skinnies will ward off any bad mojo.

Friday the 13th - JASON

Friday the 13th – JASON by heartlockett

You didn’t think I could leave out this cult classic did you!? Here’s a little tribute to one of the most iconic slasher flicks of all time. Jason, the machete wielding murderer, gets a more updated  and casual look with a graphic tee featuring his tell tale mask and some slashed up skinnies. A utility jacket and some combat boots are perfectly suited for stalking people in the woods. And the finishing touches:  a Camp Crystal Lake patch and blood stained machete perfect the outfit.

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think 😉


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